Wrongful Death IVC Filter Lawsuits

ivc filter wrongful death lawsuitsIn some rare cases, complications from IVC filters can lead to the death of a patient. When this occurs, the patient’s family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover compensation for the untimely loss of their loved one.

Wrongful death lawsuits seek compensation for pain and suffering damages for the decedent until the time of death, medical expenses, lost wages, and funeral expenses. Claims for compensation also include payment for the loss of society and companionship suffered by the family members due to the loss of a family member.

IVC Filter Complications & Death

Unfortunately, there has been a significant rise in reported complications associated with IVC filters. In 2010, after receiving over 900 adverse event reports, the FDA issued a safety communication regarding the removal of IVC filters. Of these reports the FDA received, the following complications were cited:

  • Device migration
  • Embolization (broken filter pieces in the bloodstream)
  • Inferior vena cava perforation
  • Filter fracturing 

It is the FDA’s belief that these complications may be caused by the IVC filter being left inside the patient for too long of a time period. In 2014, they further revised their safety communication, specifically stating that IVC filters must be removed from the patient between the 29th and 54th day after implantation, as long as the patient’s risk of pulmonary embolism has subsided.

Our IVC Filter Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Help You

Our defective medical device lawyers can help if a loved one has passed away due to a malfunctioning IVC filter. Lawsuits are currently being investigated against the makers of these devices by both patients and their families, seeking compensation for injuries caused. You and your family may be entitled to a settlement.

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