What Are Some Of The Risks Associated With IVC Filters?

IVC filters – inferior vena vilters – are devices used to prevent blood clots from causing medical issues in patients. Generally, IVC filters are used when patients who are unable to take regular blood thinning medication. The filter is inserted into the inferior vena cava vein – the vein that carries blood all throughout the lower portion of the body. In this area, the device is able to trap clots from going to areas where a serious medical issue could develop.

Unfortunately, there have been several noted complications arising from the use of IVC filters. Some of these complications include:

If you are a victim of any complications, or if they have led to serious or life threatening conditions, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit for your suffering. In rare cases, death has occurred due to complications associated with using an IVC filter. In the even that a patient dies from these complications, surviving family members can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Settlements in IVC filter cases are expected to be substantial.

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