Michigan IVC Filter Lawsuit Questions Answered

Here you can find answers to many of the most common questions our IVC filter legal team handling cases in Michigan is often asked. We understand that you may have specific questions pretaining to your situation. In this case, we strongly recommend calling us today at (866) 280-4722 and an attorney will be available to help you. However, if you have general questions about IVC filters, the associated complications, or the legal process, we hope this page can serve as a resource to you.

Common Michigan IVC Filter Questions

Can I file an IVC filter lawsuit in Michigan?

Yes, most likely. If you or a family member received an IVC filter implant in Michigan and suffered complications, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the device.

What are the problems with IVC filters?

Inferior vana cava filters, or IVC filters, are devices that are used to prevent blood clots from causing serious complications, such as a pulmonary embolism. The device is inserted into the vena cava vein in the heart, and it catches blood clots before they can cause damage. However, there have been several hundred reports of dangerous side-effects from the IVC filters. The most serious complications include filter fracture, filter migration,  and vena cava perforation.

How much are IVC filter settlements?

Settlement amounts in IVC filter cases have not yet been determined