IVC Filter Stroke Lawsuit

Androgel has become a common solution for men suffering from the various affects that come due to aging.  Drug companies are spending millions of dollars to advertise testosterone drugs to help men suffering from decreased libido, low energy leaves, and decreases muscle tone.  Physicians are prescribing Androgel at record numbers and men are requesting these prescriptions based upon the advertising promises.

However, a lot of men also are unaware of the fact that Androgel can also lead to a stroke.   Recent studies in medical journals have established that men using Androgel are at an increased risk for stroke.   Numerous medical practitioners and scientists are even calling the safety of Androgel into question.   “There is only anecdotal evidence that testosterone is safe for these men,” said editorial author Dr. Anne Cappola, a hormone expert at University of Pennsylvania and an associate journal editor.

What is a Stroke and How it Affects You

Testosterone Stroke LawsuitsStrokes or Ischemic strokes occur when  blood clots that are formed due to the supplements intake get trapped in the brain. These lead to a cut off of the blood circulation.

During a stroke, there are millions of brain cells that are damaged and hence a stroke can lead to permanent brain damage as well as other fatal conditions such as paralysis or loss of memory. The less severe strokes can also lead to issues such as weakened muscles, arms and legs.

What are the Symptoms of a Stroke

  • Partial drooping of the face
  • Slurred speech
  • Painful Headache and Extreme Dizziness
  • Inability to walk correctly
  • Confusion
  • Visibility issues
  • Sudden Weakness and in some cases immobility

Androgel Supplement Stroke Lawsuit

Among the various supplements being investigated by testosterone lawsuit lawyers, is Androgel. Androgel class action lawsuits are being filed by men and on behalf of men who have suffered a stroke from Androgel.

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